AC Installation


A new air conditioner (or heat pump) is an investment in not only your comfort but also your health and safety. A new air conditioning system installation is one of the biggest home improvement projects you’ll do for your home. Selecting the right contractor is key, and at ExcelsiAir, we have the knowledge and experience when it comes to upgrading your equipment. We take pride in helping homeowners make such decisions. If you want to maximize cooling efficiency in your home, let our installers perform your AC system installation.

Selecting an AC system that meets your home’s cooling demands and correctly installing it are keys to guaranteeing efficient operation. ExcelsiAir will perform manual J, S, and D calculations to help you pick the perfect unit, and we’ll install it following strict guidelines.

Is your current air conditioner struggling to cool your home? Upgrading to a new unit can save you hundreds in energy and repair costs. If you need to replace your aging or irreparable air conditioner, rest assured that the installations and replacements we perform include a 10-year parts warranty, a manufacturer’s warranty, and a lifetime craftsmanship warranty.

Protect Your Air Conditioner with a Preventive Maintenance Plan

You depend on your AC system. You wouldn’t drive your car for years without an oil change, so why would you not maintain your air conditioner regularly? Many homeowners still think they can forgo preventive maintenance and expect their air conditioners to function correctly. The truth is, you’ll end up paying more in energy and repair costs than you’ll spend on an air conditioner tune-up or a preventive maintenance plan.

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When you sign up for ourpreventive maintenance plan

You’ll take a step toward safeguarding your air conditioner from a decrease in efficiency and an increase in damage. You’ll keep your energy costs under control and prevent a premature AC replacement. ExcelsiAir also performs seasonal tune-ups and safety inspections. Here are some reasons why we believe ExcelsiAir is the right choice:

ExcelsiAir Ac and Heating continually strives to provide friendly customer service and offer state-of-the-art cooling systems. We want to earn your trust and be your go-to HVAC contractor, and we accomplish that by always putting our customers' and their needs first. Here’s why residents in Tampa trust our installers with their AC installations:

  • Most of our business comes from referrals from happy customers.
  • We treat every client's home as if it were ours.
  • Our core values are quality, value, respect, loyalty, and craftsmanship.
  • Each system we install is designed to ensure the most comfort at the lowest operating cost.
  • The craftsmanship we provide in your home is second to none.

Do you need help selecting a new cooling system for your home in the Tampa area or the surrounding areas in Florida? Contact ExcelsiAir AC and Heating today for expert advice.