Surge Protection


Did you know that the Tampa area is the "lightning capital of the world?" With that being said, think about all the damage our community sees after storms pass through—not just outside your home but inside. Your home contains many expensive appliances and other types of electrical equipment. A surge protector works to protect these devices from voltage spikes and sudden outages. ExcelsiAir specializes in helping homeowners protect their HVAC systems and other electrical equipment with surge protection. We’ll make sure these worries do not damage your equipment and cause you to replace it prematurely.

Understanding Surge Protection

A surge protector regulates the voltage in your electrical devices by either blocking or grounding the current. Electrical surges are caused by internal load switching, external load switching, and direct or indirect lighting strikes. The interconnection and complexity of power and telecom networks today warrant the use of surge protection, as does the increasing sensitivity of advanced electrical equipment susceptible to damage. Most homeowners own an HVAC system, computer, and television. Do you want to see that equipment damaged? Of course not. That’s why you need surge protection.

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The Importance ofSurge Protection

Many homeowners assume that having a power strip with surge protection is all they need to safeguard their electric devices. While this provides some protection, it isn’t enough to avoid damage in the most extreme scenarios of a power surge. Without proper surge protection, every electric device in your home is vulnerable to power surges. All it takes is a lightning storm or blackout to destroy your equipment. A whole-home surge protection installation will help protect your expensive electric devices from irreparable damage. Rather than relying on power strips that might not stop surges, you’ll know every electronic device in your home is safe when your power grid fails.

ExcelsiAir AC and Heating—The Name You Can Trust

ExcelsiAir has ample experience working with electrical equipment like HVAC systems and surge protection. We pride ourselves on being the best contractor a homeowner has ever worked with and strive to set us above our competition. We’re a leader in our industry, and you can always trust us to deliver outstanding customer service. Are you worried about electronic devices in your home? Don’t risk losing thousands of dollars' worth of equipment because you didn’t protect it. To schedule a surge protection installation in Hillsborough County or the surrounding areas of Florida, contact ExcelsiAir today. You can depend on our team to reduce your risk of experiencing a surge that causes permanent damage.